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Pet News For Wallington

Read any of the stories below and you’ll instantly be able to benefit from a wealth of seasonal advice from Corina and the rest of our veterinary care team, as well as being able to find out about what’s going on at the practice. We update these pages at least monthly so it’s always worth checking back to get our latest stories and advice.

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This month's news

Does your rabbit need a winter weigh-in?


If your rabbit’s looking like it’s piled on a few winter ounces, our vet nurses will be able to check its weight and offer advice on diet.
Festive season preparations for your rabbit


Make sure Christmas is as cosy for your rabbit as it is for you with tips from Avenue Road
Poisonous plants to keep away from cats at Christmas


You know what they say about cats and curiosity? We have advice on the plants that are best left unexplored during the festive season.

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Calming fearful dogs in Wallington

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Warning signs of rabbit illness from Avenue Road Veterinary Surgeons

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10 truths all cat owners will understand

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Avenue Road's guide to understanding your dog

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A dog with a bandage on his leg being held by two children at our Wallington practice