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On-Site X-Ray For Pets in Wallington

The vets at our Avenue Road surgery use x-rays for instant diagnosis of internal injuries and problems. Seeing what's going on inside an animal can be crucial to the correct treatment, especially as animals cannot describe feelings to us.

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A full Suite Of Specialist Veterinary Equipment

As well as x-ray our vets in Wallington have access to a wide range of non-invasive diagnostic equipment. Ultrasound, ECG and laboratory facilities are all available to our vets complementing the x-ray facilities to facilitate swift and accurate diagnosis so treatment can commence.

Help Alleviate the financial stress of unexpected treatment

X-ray can really help your pet so we strongly recommend taking out pet insurance to help you cover the cost of any veterinary treatment that your pet requires for illness or injury.

Pet Insurance

Cover the cost of veterinary treatment that your pet requires for unexpected illness or injury.

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Vet nurse examining veterinary digital xrays on a viewing screen