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Onsite Laboratory

Direct Access To Laboratory Machines

The laboratory facilities available at our Avenue Road surgery are used to diagnose a range of conditions that might otherwise be very hard for us to identify. Laboratory facilities are an invaluable aid to our Wallington vets who, with the help of these services, can pinpoint the problems affecting our patients.

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Quicker Results Help Pets Get Better

The extensive on-site lab facilities at our Wallington surgery include blood biochemistry and haematology machines for the instant testing of blood. As all the laboratory work is performed on site we naturally benefit from being able to make swifter decisions than vets that have to send samples away for analysis. This ensures that diagnosis and treatment commences promptly.

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Emergency Vet

Emergency Vet

If you have an emergency at any time, call our emergency vets for help 01883 348109.

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A vet in Wallington using a microscope in our on site lab